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Our Services

MAISHA is at the forefront of Conservation in Africa, focusing our resources on the research, design and implementation of security solutions for the growing phenomenon of Environmental Crime. We conduct projects to combat poaching and trafficking, initiate intelligence-based investigations and employ innovative, technological strategies to achieve our clients’ goals.


MAISHA’s team members manage and conduct a diverse range of environmental security surveys and special investigations.  Our assessments employ the following methodology:

  • In-depth research combining open-source and web intelligence  in English, Arabic, French, Kiswahili, Somali and more. Our research is always verified by trusted local partners.
  • Consideration and integration of socio-cultural, political, economic and technological factors that characterize the target region of investigation.
  • Ongoing periodical updates, ensuring accuracy and consistency of operations implemented based on our findings.


MAISHA’s team specializes in the establishment and training of security teams for governments, NGOs and private entities across the globe. Our team members have rich backgrounds in instruction from the worlds of Special Operations, Intelligence and Law Enforcement. The assessments conducted on environmental security serve as the basis for the training programs we provide, allowing both our team members and the trainees to appreciate the nature of the threat and the stakes involved. Maisha’s experts specialize in the following disciplines:

  • Web Intelligence
  • Data Management Tools
  • Human Intelligence
  • Forensics
  • Cyber Security
  • Monitoring Systems
  • First Aid


MAISHA appreciates the unique contribution of dogs to tracking and detection efforts. As the value of a K9 unit largely depends on its trainers, Maisha’s trainers are carefully selected and all have a military K9 background. The dogs are selected from the best international breeders and trained by Maisha for a vast set of tasks, from suspect tracking and contraband detection to security operations. Beyond the actual dog training, Maisha’s K9 team provides a pool of complementary services to help our clients maintain the K9 units as sustainable and effective long term assets: 

  • Perhaps the most important service provided by our K9 department is the meticulous selecting, vetting and training of professional K9 handler teams.  Among the programs we employ in this context are courses for instructors and handlers, kennel supervisors, explosives management and maintenance, and trainers’ training.
  • MAISHA’s trainers create logistics and strategy plans for the proper alignment of the K9 unit, applying threat analysis and evaluating possible solutions for K9 technological needs.
  • MAISHA’s experts provide mentorship and refresher courses, and accompany our clients throughout the planning, preparation and operational phases of their K9 training.  As the relevant threats change and develop, we work with our clients to reassess and readjust their K9 units.   


MAISHA’s technological research team is at the forefront of its field, developing advanced tech solutions for a variety of national security threats. The team uses open-source platforms, advanced algorithms and quality hardware to personalize our clients’ existing tech platforms for their unique needs. Beyond development of the technology, our team offers the following tech services:  

  • Cyber Security management, advisories and training.
  • Design and installation of tailor-made, unattended ground sensors for HTTP Live Streaming (HLS).
  • Electronic, automated surveillance and support.
  • Design and installation of Command and Control centers.
  • Design and installation of observation and communication networks in remote areas.